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We Write Words that Win the Sale and Woo the Heart

The Funnel Sisters are a dynamic duo of sales funnel enthusiasts sent from above to charm your tribe with authentic, originally crafted, entertaining copy to help you nail those coveted conversions.

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14-Point Sales Funnel Copywriting Framework

Sales Funnel Copywriting Framework

Lost finding all the right words? Don't worry, you've just met your
Copywriting Companions...

To the business owner with the dream of endless possibilities,

You have the soul of an entrepreneur and a golden heart for helping others. Your courses, books, and workshops help others reach their goals and find their own silver lining in the sky.

Helping others achieve their dreams is something you were born to do.

But sometimes, you struggle with finding the right words that will help you stand out among other service providers and get you noticed by clients…

 … or maybe you’re so busy changing lives that you don’t have the time to sit in front of your computer and write copy.

Whatever the case may be, you came here because you need help.

But not just any help.

You need professionals who are organized and experienced with writing copy — a duo who can capture your brand voice, tell your story, and turn it into captivating content that sells.

You need a team of trusted confidants that will understand your business and be willing and ready to grow with you. You need a dream team that becomes the cheerleaders who get just as excited about your business as you are.

You need us.

Hi! We’re Chessica x Nickie, otherwise known as The Funnel Sisters.

We’re a cheerful copywriting crew that’s committed to helping creative brands and influencers find their voice, cut through the pervasive white-noise of digital marketing, and achieve those coveted conversions by crafting authentic, entertaining, genuine sales copy that connects with the heartsminds of their audience.

Your Copywriting Companions

Nickie Kehoe

Funnel Sister

Chessica Rose

Funnel Sister
Ready to get rid of your sales Funnel copy worries for good?

(90% of all products fail. Don’t skimp on great copywriting.)

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