Mocktail Mondays

Get off the copywriting struggle bus and join us live on Facebook each Monday at 9:15 am CST for free copywriting help and feed back.

community and support for your
sales funnel Copy needs!

It’s hard to know what to say when you’re trying to sell online. A hook, a headline, the right message, calls to action. Do I have everything I need? Ugh!

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Where do you even start when crafting the words that will sell your offer?

And often times writing happens alone.

No Expert to turn to when every word in your sales funnel matters...

That’s why we created Mocktail Mondays, the one day a week you can count on fun, free, copywriting help. And if you’re trying to read between the lines to know what this means. Fear not.

It’s a no-strings-attached type of support strait from The Funnel Sisters to help move your business forward, one sales copywriting line at a time.

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Conversions, Clicks, and Conversation.

Think of it as a casual and enjoyable way to get together and talk all things copywriting and sales — in a way that takes the edge off of an otherwise mundane and stressful writing routine.

Push past writer’s block and get unstuck each Monday evening. Submit your questions or funnel for review below!

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The next Mocktail Monday is March 1st at 9:15 am US Central Standard Time.

Go to our Facebook group, Copywriting Connection and hit that live notification button to get alerted when we pop on. 

Then make plans and join us!

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Friends don't let friends write sales funnel copywriting alone.