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The Funnel Sisters started their business in March of 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic to help struggling business owners master their sales with conversion-optimized copy.

Sometimes in life you meet a best friend. Other times you meet a business partner.

Lucky for me, I met both. That’s how it started for Chessica and I (Nickie). We met back in July 2018 at our very small family integrated, country church in Panama City, Florida. Both volunteers, I led the marketing as a ministry leader and she was helping us design weekly bulletins in Canva. 

Catalyst Church Panama City Florida

Catalyst Church in Panama City, Florida.

The more we got to know each other, the more we quickly realized there was a mutual love for marketing (… and the less church bulletins got done #SorryPastorZach). A friendship was born that was centered on faith and a growing interest for all things business & entrepreneurship. 

Chessica is a communications major and I have a marketing degree, so we both brought our own unique business-related experience and perspective to the table when hanging out. She was the witty and charming wordsmith who loved writing, while I was the self-proclaimed marketing nerd who just happened to love design. During our meetings we chatted for hours about branding and digital marketing (while eating lots of fresh pico de gallo #yum) and shared our thoughts on what life would look like if we used our skills and education to start a business and work from home (#freedom).

Our friendship continued to grow and soon we were meeting at my place every other week to mastermind!  As our five kids (or as we lovingly called them, funnel babies) would play together, we began to shift the discussion from marketing and church stuff to entrepreneurship.

I told her about this amazing group I found called Create Your Laptop Life. A small, successful cohort of self-employed entrepreneurs ran by digital marketing guru Julie Stoian. I recently joined this monthly membership and Marie Forleo’s B-School to begin focusing more intently on digital marketing and funnels. Chess, on the other hand, told me about a popular virtual assistant training program she had just invested in — a program run by Abbey Ashely called The Virtual Savvy. Unbeknownst to us, were both already making major strides starting our own business! 

But there was just one problem….

The longer I got to know Chess, the more I began to sense that she wasn’t meant to be a virtual assistant. It didn’t quite fit her gifting. She had a very obvious knack for words and a unique way of crafting conversational language that moved readers into action. Not only was what she wrote compelling, but it was actually direct response copy! She was a copywriter at heart and didn’t even know it!

So I encouraged her to change her title from ‘Virtual Assistant’ to ‘Copywriter’. I introduced her to Julie Stoian and Russel Brunson and even purchased the DotCom Secrets book so we could deep dive into all things sales funnels (that book will change your business, btw)! She soon caught the fire like I did and we began to obsess over all things digital marketing–so much so that our name was born from this fun little (okay, big!) Internet sales obsession we had.  After hours of #funneltalk (it’s like girl talk but better) and studying countless offers and ads that came across our Facebook news feeds, Chess came up with the cute and sticky name that would eventually become the title of our LLC: ‘The Funnel Sisters’. 

By early 2019 we had each launched our own personal brand and formed our first business!

I started NickieK, LLC in January and began offering digital marketing and graphic design services. Chessica started Chessica Rose, LLC and offered copywriting services. We remained close even while serving our clients and despite a military change of station that forced Chessica and her family to move to Oklahoma. I understood that because we’re both a #militaryspouse, and I’m an Air Force veteran. So despite the long distance, we both made it a priority to mastermind and problem solve on an almost daily basis — thank you Zoom and Facebook.

Nickie K and Chessica Rose logo images

As our businesses grew, so did our love and passion for digital marketing and sales funnels, in particular. We quickly recognized that those who learn to map out their customer journey and create a value ladder, with well thought out and strategic products and services, do FAR better than those who just put up a willy nilly website and hope people come flocking to buy. 

Simply put, the ‘If we create it they’ll come’ mentality doesn’t work anymore. In today’s competitive market it takes smart digital strategy, intentional offer design, and great copy skills.

So naturally we dreamed about going to Funnel Hacking Live and would talk for hours on end about what it would be like to hit the coveted 2 Comma Club. We’d see trophies strewn all over the Internet and gurus making their mark online selling millions — with just one funnel.

How was this possible? Could one asset in your marketing arsenal be SO powerful that it could yield such lucrative profits? Our curiosity started to build. 

By mid-2019, the unofficial “Funnel Sisters” began to actively brainstorm what they could offer the market together. After hours of research and deep diving Facebook groups, we discovered that there were tons of entrepreneurs out there who were constantly hitting roadblocks — or worse, not even launching their product because they couldn’t wrap their minds around the sales copy. It was literally holding their offer back. We also witnessed lots of chatter in online groups surrounding the issue of plagiarism. Some business owners were swiping words and ideas from others without giving credit. They’d “hack” funnels and take words and phrases from different online sales funnels, changing just a few things but keeping the overall sentence structure the same. Yikes. And then they’d passing it off as their own.

Is it okay to swipe words off a virtual page, even if it’s only a handful of phrases?

It’s a topic we discussed often in length. The short answer is no. The long answer is there’s a great need for high quality content and original messaging. It became abundantly clear: people desperately need copywriting help to sell their online offers!

That’s when a lightbulb went off — we could niche down and solely focus on writing sales funnel copy for entrepreneurs with digital products and course creators. It’s a win-win for everyone. We focus on doing what we love (chucking out the killer copy) while our clients can focus on perfecting what they were put on this earth to do (zone of genius).

Enough small talk. By the end of 2019 (after studying too many funnels to count and writing gobs of copy ourselves) we were convinced of this one marketing truth: copy is the crux of the sale. And it was time to put our money where our mouth was! So Chessica and I made a goal to purchase Copy School when it opened in March 2020. A hefty but smart investment decision that would give us access to an amazing, in-depth copywriting program to help nail our niche AND get that coveted conversions 😉

Now, if you’re reading this wondering what Copy School is, let me tell you with complete confidence that it’s one of the best, most comprehensive direct response copywriting programs on the market! Written and produced by several writing geniuses of our day–Joanna Weibe, Ry Schwartz and Sam Woods–Copy School focuses mainly on sales copy, but also covers things like Facebook ads, emails, launches, web copy, landing pages, a/b testing and more. They leave no stone unturned and go into great detail to help students become pros at coaching the conversion.

On March 12th, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, and weeks before Copy School opened, we decided to make things “official”. Chess and I took the plunge, merged our knowledge and experience, and started The Funnel Sisters, LLC.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs unleash the power of their offer through authentic, original and conversion optimized copywriting. 

Because we believe that when brands build real relationships based on valuable problem-solving skills, and then intentionally create authentic conversations with potential customers, sales come naturally. There is no need to be pushy or sleazy when you’re communicating a genuine message and helping others transform their business by tackling specific problems that hold entrepreneurs back or prevent growth.

What’s our long-term vision, you may be thinking? Our vision is a world where entrepreneurs thrive doing what they love and live in joy and freedom selling more of their life-changing products and services…and it all starts with the right words.  

The Funnel Sisters Logo

So what’s exactly next for The Funnel Sisters? Besides having big aspirations of one day becoming 2 Comma Club winners at Funnel Hacking Live, we plan on serving our tribe with #AllTheCopyAdvice during our live Mocktail Mondays where we’ll take the edge off your copy and speak on all things sales funnels —  i.e. conversation, clicks, and conversions. We’ll also be working with some amazing clients (perhaps you?) creating sales funnels that convert with content their audience will never forget.

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Nickie Kehoe

Nickie Kehoe

Nickie is founder of NickieK and co-founder of The Funnel Sisters. She helps entrepreneurs build profitable brands so that they can make a living and experience joy and freedom doing what they love to do.

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